Information for TFP work

Background information

I am a freelance photographer and 3D graphic artist. Historically my work consisted of wildlife and general images for the stock industry. Currently I am changing my studio and honing my skills to expand into fine art and people orientated stock photography. The team includes my wife (Mari ) and son (Johan )

Collaboration with models, amateur models and other creative talent (TFP work)

All artists (models, dancers, actors, etc.) require a portfolio of quality and variety to proof their worth and experience in the professional world. To learn, grow, create opportunities and build such portfolio's can be costly in the long run and for that reason TFP (time for print/ portfolio) has been part of the creative arts for a long time. With TFP work both parties agree to trade their time for the final product (photo in this case). Some people do it just because it gives them joy but mostly it gives both parties more exposure, experience, practise and help create more opportunities for the future. It certainly does not mean working for free and such a carefree approach will be a waste of valuable time.

Collaboration with the general public
Some people love to do photo shoots even though they have no intention to become a model or being part of the industry. If you are one of them and feel comfortable in your own skin, please feel free to apply via the same process. We will add you to the database and you will get the same opportunities.

Collaboration with local business
We appreciate and support local business as best we can. Venues, makeup artists, hair stylists, clothing and other creative businesses can gain from additional exposure when we collaborate on projects. Please feel free to contact us regarding potential projects

How we work and what we don't do
The studio is not open to the public. We don't do portraits, family, wedding, events or any paid shoots for customers. For the past ten years I have established myself in the international market and sell images via agents in the commercial stock and print industry. Some submissions are curated and not all projects accepted. More than one image of the same subject will either be rejected or detrimental to the portfolio. Selection and subject matter need to be a bit different and will compete in a wider market.

Application to be added to our database
If you want to be considered for future events we will add you to our database. This enable us to match specific requirements and personal preferences with a shoot. The content of the application form is generic in nature, if any of the fields are not relevant due to age, beliefs or otherwise, please leave it blank.

Send your request “please add to database” to:

You will receive a short questionnaire which is to be returned with some images of yourself (cellphone images are good enough)

How and when will I be contacted
When you are selected for a specific shoot a member of the team will contact you to confirm your interest and any further arrangements. Keep in mind that not all talent will be used and it may take time before a project aligns with specific looks.

Cost Implications
If you are selected for a shoot there will be no cost implications and the photographer will provide / arrange what is needed.

If you request a specific shoot for yourself and it can be of benefit to all, we will discuss the wardrobe and other detail to minimize cost to both parties.

What to expect of the photographer

  • Each shoot will be done with a specific final image in mind. Only the best image will be selected for editing purposes and the talent will receive a copy of this image. If other works are created afterwards copies will be forwarded accordingly (Un-edited work will NOT be provided)
  • The talent will always be credited when work is posted (unless the talent requires anonymity)
  • For creative shoots extensive post editing might be done to increase the commercial value or suit the purpose of the image, unless agreed upon otherwise between the parties.
  • Editing of fine art images especially are not the same as your local shoot. Some might require additional shoots for composites or 3D rendered backgrounds and usually takes much longer to finalize. Be patient for the final product.

What is expected of the model or other talent

  • Hi resolution images are not allowed on social media or websites to prevent image theft (a low resolution image will be provided for these purposes)
  • It is common practise to credit the photographer when posting on social media
  • The model cannot sell the image rights, commercial prints or print on demand (POD) sites as the copyright belongs to the photographer.
  • The model is given perpetual rights to use and print the image in and on all media for advertisements, promotions and all personal material to further her exposure and career.
  • Signing of a model release is required before any shoot (parents are required to co-sign if under 21)

Although all of the above may sound formal, the intention is only that of clarity. We work casual, informal and strive to have a relaxed atmosphere. Please don't accept any shoot you won't enjoy or if it would make you feel uncomfortable.

Risk disclaimer
The Photographer expressly disclaims all and any liability and responsibility to any person visiting or participating in respect of the consequences of anything done or omitted to be done or any event or accident which can cause injury or bodily harm during a shoot on or away from the premises by such person.


Can I bring a friend along for the shoot?
Yes, you may bring a friend who will not interfere with the shoot or distract your attention.
During shoots we will always have at least two of the team members present. For under-age talent we require a meeting with a parent or guardian beforehand.