Latest work



Red parachute against blue sky
Young girl reading a book in dark room
Guitarist playing close-up
Girl bouncing
Bride receiving a brand new husband
Male Singer singing in microphone
Male Singer singing
Guitarist jumping on stage with lights
Drummer playing on stage
Woman waving long dark hair
City Girl at Night
Pianist on stage from behind
Pianist Hands playing piano close-up
Girl with heart shape balloon
Woman archer aiming arrow
Innocent young woman
Nude Pregnant Woman
Silhouette of nude woman
Woman draped in black cloth
Woman with black corset
Black Widow Marionette Puppet
Inner beauty
Next Generation Cyborg
Cyborg woman
Woman standing in doorway
Small airplane low flyby

Earlier 2018

DNA structure illuminated
DNA strand
Yellow lilly with stem
Dachshund looking up at salami
Dragon fruit or pitaya
Wheat macro
Blackberries on black plate
Salami Sausage
Earth core structure cut-away
Earth core structure cross-section
Africa conceptual design
Earth from space Africa view
Earth from space Asia
World global business background
Earth from space North America
Earth day and night space view
Front Car lights at night on open road
Elephant close-up portrait from the front
Big Bang explosion in space
Planet Saturn Sunrise


Blacksmith bending red hot iron
Zebra portrait close-up
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